Over FIVE ACRES of field lost. Cohocton, New York. Wind Turbines in Fond Du Lac County Wind Turbines near a Wisconsin farm Before, and After. Elk River, Flint Hills, Kansas

Falmouth Tears

Emily Le Coz and Lucille Sherman expose the Wind Industry's tactics, schemes, and devastating impacts to families around the country in their article titled "In The Shadow Of Wind Farms".  On full display are the wind developers' and utilities' misinformation campaign and how their actions rip apart families, communities, and lives.  Our thanks for the hard work and fact finding that went in to documenting the truth and laying bare an industry hell bent on destroying more lives.

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The article includes the following sections:

In The Shadow Of Wind Farms

Into The Worst Of It
Inside The Numbers
In Your Own Words
Inside The Investigation
The Shineldeckers
The Resistance
Conflicts Of Interest
The Community Rift
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